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SMART is bundled in a JAR file. The installation instructions are simple:

  1. Download the program here.
  2. Double-click on smart.jar file.
  3. You are good to go.

Alternatively, SMART can be run from the command line as follows:

java -jar smart.jar


In its basic inception SMART is straightforward to use. It comprises one pane for the reactor model and a second one for the nanostructure model.

Entry fields in the left-hand side allow the user to set its own growth conditions. The simple interface has the following three buttons:

  • Run: Run the simulation using the parameters set by the user. Every run adds a trace to the plot.
  • Clear: Clear the existing traces in the plot.
  • Reset: Reset the conditions to the original values

The program can be closed simply by closing the window.

A label in the bottom left side informs about the status: Idle, when it is waiting for input, Running, when it is running a simulation, and Done, when the run is completed.

Features allowing uploading experimental data and saving traces are not available in the basic interface. If you are interested you will have to request the advanced interface here.


If the simulation is taking too long and you feel like closing the program, you can do so or you can force its termination without harming the software.

For any bugs please send an email to jelam (at)


The basic interface of SMART is released as freeware, meaning that anyone is able to use it free of cost. The code specifically developed for SMART is copyrighted by Argonne. You can find the copyright notice in the About pane in SMART’s interface.

Please note that licensing can change in the future and that SMART’s advanced interface can be licensed in different terms.

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